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7 Breast Reconstruction Myths Worth Knowing

If you think you know all there is to know about breast reconstruction, you may also have heard about some myths about the procedure. So if you have been apprehensive about undergoing a breast reconstruction because of these myths, here is an attempt at demystifying these myths.

Myth #1: Breasts stop developing in the mid-teens.

This is not true as most women do not reach their chest’s full growth till the mid or late twenties. In fact, some women find their breasts undergoing changes all the way through menopause.

Myth #2: Your breasts have to be symmetrical.

If you have heard women stating that their breasts are ‘twins’, this is not always true. The breasts in practically all women are asymmetrical in size.

Myth #3: C is the most common size for female breasts.

This is not true as there are a huge variety of breasts in women and no uniform size. While “C” is the desired size by most women across the world, it is not necessarily the most common size. There are women with ‘KK’ sized breasts and some who have ‘AAA’s. Whatever the size and shape may be, the breasts are always beautiful and different.

Myth #4: Your bra size never changes.

This is far from the truth as your bra size may go up and down 10 times in your life because of hormonal changes and pregnancies which make your breast tissue fluctuate in size.

Myth #5: Bras are a cause for cancer.

This is not true. The rumours on the internet are not true as there is no proven scientific evidence linking bras to breast cancer. So there’s no need to worry about this.

Myth #6: Women undergo breast reconstruction for an increased cup size.

This is false as pregnancy zaps chest fat, making women want to restore their full look when they complete their pregnancies. Thus many women undergo breast reconstruction not to increase their cup size, but to add volume back and restore their size.

Myth #7: You cannot breastfeed if you have small breasts.

This is far from true as the breast size has no relation with milk production. There is no connection between the size and amount of milk and breast tissue and its size.

Once these myths are clarified, you find it easier to make a decision about undergoing breast reconstruction surgery. You can get more information and have all your doubts cleared through your surgeon too. Remember that the more information you gather before undergoing this plastic surgery procedure, the more confident you feel on the operation table.

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