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Animal Assisted therapy

Rehabilitation therapies are mainly used to restore the patient of trauma, or the mental strains. These therapies require extreme care and precaution, which also help to serve as a useful distraction for the past events. Anyone can go through this tragic situation. So it is very helpful to know about the basics of the therapies that will help to reverse the patient current situation to normal one.

So if it’s possible to keep the patient distracted than it helps to gem him cured soon. Best way to distract the therapy patient from their past is to keep him busy with some things. So for the patient of psychological disorders like depression, it is best to keep them distracted them with something that require constant and focused attention. This will help them to live their life to the fullest on daily bases. Pet animal requires constant attention and thus can be used in the therapy. Many programs like emotional support animal New York rely on animal assisted therapy. It has been said that one can prolong his life span by owning a pet like a cat or dog, because it helps to reduce stress and blood pressure. Thus, the animal can fulfill the place of distraction that requires constant and focused attention.

Animal assisted therapy is based on basic principle, that the individual health level is inversely dependent to their stress level. So, it is mostly prescribed to the people where the cause of the disturbance in the individual state is due to stress. The idea of animal assisted therapy originated during the World War 2. During the Second World War handlers used to bring the dogs on continuous bases to the places where wounded war victims used to spend their most time. It was observed that bringing the dogs was having positive effects on the wounded and thus planted seeds for the animal assisted therapy.

Animal assisted therapy helps them to forget the tragedy, by nitrating with the animal. Having exposure to animal makes patient, cheerful and help them to let go of their past. It helps them to forget what had happened in the past. This exposer gives many positive psychological effects to the user.

Animal assisted therapy is not limited to the patient of tragic accidents; it can be adapted to the wide range of problems. It can be used to treat the people who are suffering from the various neurological disorders or social ineptitude. People suffering from these disorders have tended to shy away from other people. It can lead to the living style that is deemed as unhealthy and sometimes can be dangerous. With the help of animal assisted therapy these people can rejoin with the society, by learning the way to interact with firstly animals and then with people.

Animal’s gives people suffering from these conditions a purpose and motive for stepping out and to see the rest of the world. Many programs like emotional support animal New York are working to help people. Pet animals give these people sense of comfort and relaxation. Also pets like dog are famous for their unconditional love. Although animal assisted therapy are excellent, but can be dangerous for the people with weak immune system. Those people can get infected from the pet animal. Thus, it is advised that proper care should be taken when undergoing animal assisted therapy.

This therapy not only helps the needy people, but also provide home and food for many animals like stray dogs or cats. This gives mutual benefits to both animals as well as humans. It reduces individual anger levels, stress level, blood pressure level. And in return help to maintain the natural balance.

Leading animal hospitals Veterinary Clinic – Riverside, California California.
Leading animal hospitals Veterinary Clinic – Riverside, California California.

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