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Antioxidants can boost your Immune system

Immunity basically is the defense against bacteria that at times invades our body systems. Normally when your defense mechanism breaks down you are likely to get sick. Many of us think that our immunity is only responsible for the colds and flu, but enhancing our immunity system will also benefit us in preventing diseases such as cancer. One main function of immune systems is to destroy the bacteria, that way the disease is stopped from going far. Mostly our Immunity drops as we grow older, the elderly who are over 60 years of age are more likely to get sicknesses as a result of low immunity. Antioxidants of foods rich in antioxidants can really help to enhance your immune system and thus improving your health. Below is a list of some foods rich in antioxidants to help you improve your immunity.

Vitamin C-The foods that provide this vitamin C is fresh fruits and vegetables. This includes fruits like Oranges and some green leafy vegetables. Vitamin C has a major role of boosting our immunity than other nutrients in the body. Vitamin C in our bodies normally increases the white blood cells production and antibodies. It also prevents entry of viruses in our bodies by producing interferon.

Vitamin E-It is responsible for production of natural killer cells. The cells are very important for destroying the cancer cells in the body. It also fights germs in our bodies by producing B cells which produce antibodies. Vitamin E normally occurs is various chemical forms which are known as Alpha, Beta and gamma. Vitamin E as an antioxidant is responsible for protecting the cell from damaging the body’s free radicals. Keep in mind that when free radicals in our bodies are damaged it may lead to development of cardiovascular complications such as cancer. You can get Vitamin E from foods such as wheat germ oil, sunflower seeds, Almonds, pea nuts, mangoes, tomatoes and even raw spinach.

Carotenoids-They are usually the natural coloring which is synthesized by plants and are responsible for the bright colors in fruits and vegetables. The most common of carotenoids class is carotene. It’s known for the benefits of decreasing certain diseases like cancer and even improving your vision. Beta carotene is important in our bodies because it can be converted to vitamin A. You can get this from a variety of fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes and carrots.

Bioflavonoids. You can find a lot of this antioxidant form in fresh fruits and vegetables. They act as a parking space for germs in the cells. The receptors cells in turn guard your body so that no germs can have access in your body. They normally support formation of stronger cells and suppress poor growth of cells to deliver an anti-carcinogenic effect. They contribute to good health of the heart and fight atherosclerosis. Sources of Bioflavonoids include strawberries, citrus fruits, broccoli, garlic and tea.

All in all antioxidants in your body work by enhancing your immune system by preparing your body in advance ready to fight any diseases. So it’s best to take the above vitamins in advance to help build your immunity and prevent time after time illnesses.

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