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Best 8 ways to heal pregnancy stretch marks

When you conceive your entire body shifts the focus to the womb area, the pelvis and the breasts. Stretch marks do not necessarily begin after conceiving. They are there already, only the condition aggravates due to extra layers of fat deposited during pregnancy.

What are stretch marks?

I’m not talking about the medical definition, but stretch marks essentially mean the irreversible stretching of skin due to strain whether physical or due to dietary failures.

Here are some ways to heal pregnancy stretch marks

1) Stay hydrated

For any skin issues the first thing that plays a major role is that whether your skin is hydrated. Skin doesn’t have a blood supply to the top layer and keeps shedding. So it is important that you drink a lot of water and that diffuses to the upper layers of skin. During pregnancy a lot or changes come in your body. It is important to have a ample water to keep things moving. A dry skin will crack and stretch easily.

2) Exercise

Exercise is very important. In fact if you exercise regularly and start doing pregnancy exercises like Yoga or Zumba, chances are you won’t develop any stretch marks. A morning jog and a workout session of around 30 minutes is a must. Don’t put on extra weight suddenly. When your skin will be supple and agile, stretch marks will reverse soon.

3) Wear your intimate wear

Most women tend to discard there intimate wear saying that they feel uncomfortable. But the market has a plethora of pregnancy and nursing wardrobe clothing. Wear an intimate wear that is soft and doesn’t have wires or elastic. When you stop wearing intimate wear your skin doesn’t have that support to stretch to a minimal distance and it starts sagging.Wear body hugging dresses

4) Use some balms or cremes to massage

Yes you should nourish your skin externally. Some home remedies include applying curd or honey or even egg whites. All these make skin tighter and prevent and heal stretch marks. If you find it taxing then you can also use any baby cream or even a head balm and apply it moving your hands in half circles from down to up. Also read best nipple cream for mothers with sore nipples due to breastfeeding.

5) Use mediated oils that are known to heal and prevent stretch marks

There are many oils available in the market or even at the chemist shop. Buy one after taking a prescription from a practitioner. Use this regularly. Ideally use it after having a bath because the longer they stay on the body the better. Some of these oils help to strengthen your abdominal muscles and will later help during labours. These oils have a natural property of preventing sagging.

6) When your doctor recommends a belt, wear it

Yes ladies. A belt is very essential. No matter how unnecessary you find the belt, you’ll have to wear it. This will prevent the belly stretch marks. Also they will prevent from a bulged out belly after you deliver your baby.

7) Always give support to your womb while doing physical activity

While sitting or standing back always support the lower side of your womb using your hands. Never get up with jerks nor lift heavy weights. Bend at the knees. Physical support is essential so that your skin doesn’t stretch beyond normal.

8) Eat foods that are rich in vitamin E

Sagging or stretch marks both are signs of ageing. Vitamin E is known as the anti ageing vitamin. Foods that are rich in vitamin E are almond, butternut, Avocados, spinach, walnuts and others. Vitamin E prevents sagging which leads to stretch marks otherwise.

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