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Boost your T-Levels with the Andromen Forte Cream

Andromen Forte is basically an Australia based topical cream that contains 5% testosterone. This cream is known to boost the level of testosterone in your body. It can be externally applied on the skin to get the desired results. You can try using this cream instead of the injectable form which is convenient to use, the only issue is the benefits are not that noticeable. Compared to some of the similar products like Testim and Androgel which contain about 1% of testosterone, the formula of Andromen is effective.

Treating testosterone deficiency

Andromen is widely promoted to treat testosterone deficiency in men. Andromen Forte is a prescription medicine with the following benefits:

  • It helps in boostingthe testosterone level
  • Increasesthe libido and sexual functions
  • Gives you energy
  • Stabilizes your mood
  • Enhancesyour bone density and strength

This product is designed only to be used by men and is quite similar to the rest of the testosterone creams like AndroFeme-1, AndroForte-2 and AndroForte-5.Andromen Forte is available only in the form of a cream which can be applied to the skin and is manufactured by a company named Lawley Pharmaceuticals. It acts as a substitute fortestosterone replacement therapy.

Beware of the possible consequ

As Andromencontains around 5% testosterone compared to the other branded creams which contain only about 1%, it should be used with extreme care. Artificially boosting the testosterone level can lead to side effects such as acne, gynecomastia and low production of the natural testosterone. Some of the other side effects that you may expect are skin irritation like redness and itching, headache, loss of hair on the head, increased hair on the body, deepened voice, swelling of ankles, weight gain, nausea, skin color a bit yellowish, frequent erections etc. This happens as our body starts reacting to the increased artificial production of testosterone. The application procedure of the cream is not clearly specified anywhere. Some apply it on their scrotum, as they think it gets best absorbed there while rest applies normally on the skin. So, it is better that you get in touch with the manufacturer itself to know the proper method of application. One thing you should keep in mind is, the cream should never be applied on broken skin. Before you decided to use the steroid cream, do proper research and beware of the possible side effects it may cause. Also, you should judge whether the positive effects you are expecting are worth all these consequences.

Where to buy

Most people have an idea that buying online is the best option. It is, but as Andromen Forte is a prescription medicine, so even if you are buying it online, you will require a valid doctor’s prescription. If you are planning to use it for the purpose of bodybuilding then you have to find out ways to buy it illegally, as doctors will never prescribe it for such nonmedical purposes.On buying it from some illegal source like the underground labs, make sure that the product is authentic. The price of the cream normally varies from where you are planning to acquire it.

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