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Buy Dexadur 350 for Thaiger-Pharma for a reliable product

Dexadur350 is recognized as a versatile anabolic steroid and it is a combination of four Nandrolone esters. The composition of this compound is NandroloneCypionate – 100mg, NandrolonePhenylpropionate – 50mg, NandroloneDecanoate – 100mg, and NandroloneUndecanoate – 100mg. This medication is highly effective for strength, mass and it is used during the cutting-up phases. Nandrolone is considered as an anabolic steroid which has got huge anabolic and androgenic properties. The Decanoate, as well as Undecanoate esters, help in spreading the stimulation of the hormone Nandrolone in the users’ body, thus producing a long-acting Nandrolone. For increasing mass, this compound mixes well with Boldenone, Masteron, Parabolan, and Testosterone.

Thaiger-Pharma is a reliable and trusted company and is a popular manufacturer of steroids. This company is situated out of India and it manufactures anabolic steroids of the top standards implementing the innovative technologies. There are numerous steroids available on the market at a cheaper price but they don’t evolve from a reliable brand, such as Thaiger-Pharma and this company produces steroids nothing short of the finest quality. So in this regard, Dexadur 350 Thaiger-Pharma can be trusted without a least botheration. Countless bodybuilders and athletes who hope to look cut and build thin muscle take this medication.

Positive effects

Among its compositions, NandroloneCypionate is viewed as an anabolic steroid which belongs to a class of drugs generally synthesized from testosterone. This form is highly effective for rebuilding body tissue and it also raises bone mass and supports red blood cell count. NandrolonePhenylpropionate performs a function similar to NandroloneDecanoate as well as NandroloneUndecanoate and it is highly effectual for controlling calcium metabolism helpful for osteoporosis. However, this compound is not suggested for females with discrete mammary carcinoma. This compound is utilized by countless athletes who look forward to gain strength and muscular mass. This medication works well when combined with high calories and proteins.

Cost of this medication

This medication is highly controversial which is why it is tough to purchase this medication in a nation like the US. In this country, you can’t purchase it minus a valid prescription from a doctor. However, the easiest process to purchase this medication is definitely from the internet. You will find it on sale on numerous bodybuilding websites that cover both the international and the American retailers. This medication has got only one disadvantage and it is its heavy price. Users find this medication on various websites for nearly $10-$12 for a 50mg ampule. Again, if the users buy 2ml, they are required to pay nearly $30.

Contraindications for using

Though Dexadur 350 Thaiger-Pharma has countless positive effects yet this medication has got some contraindications. This medication is not meant for children. It is also not intended for female patients suffering from breast cancer. However, the males suffering from prostatic carcinoma and mammary carcinoma are forbidden to take this drug. Even the patients suffering from jaundice, impaired bilirubin excretion, renal and cardiac failure, nephrosis, hypercalcemia, edema, testicular carcinoma, hepatic carcinoma aren’t suggested to take this drug strictly. If you happen to suffer from any of the aforementioned disorders, you must consult a physician without fail.

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