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Could your teeth need a few fillings?

It is never a nice thought, but sometimes you have to be realistic: no one’s teeth stay exactly perfect and the same forever, and so there will always be a chance that your teeth could need a few fillings. Many people are filled with dread at the thought of needing to go to the dentist in order to receive a filling, and that is usually because of the horror stories told to them by their friends and family. We’ve all heard that story: the terrifying dentist, the high pitched shrill drill, the agony as it entered their mouths, the pain that lingered for days afterwards . . . sadly, this is simply not true. Even twenty years ago, when dental technology was not as advanced as it is now, that wasn’t true! It’s an urban legend that has moved across the entire country, and it would almost be funny if it wasn’t preventing people from getting the dental care that they so desperately needed.

One of the best ways to dispel these rumours and fears is to learn exactly what a filling actually is – and you’ll soon find that it is nothing to worry about. A filling does exactly what it says on the tin: it is a process by which your dentist will spot a hole in one of your teeth, and to prevent bacteria from stopping by and making a home there, they decide to fill it in with a non-toxic material that will look and act as though it is part of the rest of your natural tooth. There is nothing more complicated than that. In fact, a filling is just one type of San Diego tooth restorations that are offered in the area. In the last few years, dental technology has improved so much that for many patients, they cannot even tell which part of their teeth is ‘real’ and which part is the filling, and neither can their friends nor family. For a dentist, this is often the best measure of success!

A filling used to be made of mercury, a metal that is now known to be a poison that can gradually seep into a patient’s body. That is why the majority of dentists do not use mercury for their fillings now, but something called composite now, which is a mixture of completely harmless natural materials and chemicals that form a white hardness once it has been placed into the mouth. San Diego tooth restorations would never use mercury now as there is such a perfect alternative, and even if a patient has several fillings in their mouth made of composite, they are not in any danger if they accidentally swallow a part of their filling if it chips off.

There is no perfect way to know whether you need a filling or not, unless you go and see a dentist. However, you may suspect that you have a filling if one of your teeth starts to feel a little different; maybe rougher against your tongue in one particular place, or there could be an indent where there was not one before. As soon as you start to think that there could be something wrong, you should immediately go to your dentist – and you should be having a regular check up every twelve months anyway. This is so that if a filling is developing and you do not notice it, there will only be a maximum of 12 months for it to develop before your dentist can put a stop to it, and sort out a San Diego tooth restoration.

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