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Dental treatments offered to patients

Many problems arise in teeth and it is so important to cure that since all persons use teeth more often in a day. Bridge is a treatment given to dental problems which replaces the missing teeth or tooth. This supports the bridge and this is done by taking impression present in the surrounding of teeth. A bridge material is created from porcelain or precious metal and that will be fixed in the mouth. The crown is also a type of cap which covers the real tooth and gives the natural appearance. They are usually made of metal, porcelain or precious metal which can be fitted in the damaged or decayed part of tooth to enhance the look. Old tooth in the mouth will be drilled before fitting a crown. So a small peg will be created to help fixing the crown on the mouth. It takes some time for the person in the lab to make new crown. Most of the time crown will not be fixed on the same day. Fillings are prepared to repair holes in tooth, which were caused due to decay. Most common filling types are a mixture of metals like zinc, copper, tin, silver and mercury. Hammaslääkäri Helsinki will offer the best type of filling to the patient according to their clinical needs. If the situation in the tooth is appropriate based on clinical conditions, then white fillings can be used.

Root canal treatment gives solutions to the infections present at centre of teeth or in root canal system. If the root canal treatment is not done at the correct time, then the infection starts to spread out in tooth. While doing treatment all infections present in the tooth will be removed from the root canal system. The root canal will be filled with any of the materials suggested by the doctor and then sealed using crown or filling. These fillings will avoid problems in the tooth and prevents from further infection. This requires three or more visits to Hammaslääkäri Helsinki. To clean tooth professionally, a person should go to the hygienist. Scale and polish method remove the deposits present in the upper part of teeth. Braces are also an orthodontic treatment which moves or straighten the teeth, which then improves the appearance of teeth.

Braces can be placed like removable one or fixed. They will be struck to teeth until you remove that. The last teeth present back to the gums is wisdom teeth, which start to grow in early twenties or late teens. Mostly people have wisdom teeth in each corner. They sometimes get struck in places or emerge at an angle. Impacted teeth should be removed from Hammaslääkäri Helsinki. Implants are also a way of treatment which serve as alternate to removable dentures. This is the only option to lose teeth and then they will be no longer supportive to dentures. The implants can be placed in single or several teeth. Titanium must be screwed or drilled in the jaw portion of jaw bone which acts as a support to denture, bridge and crown.

Replacements must be done after preparation of implants because they should fit into teeth properly for good looks. Sometimes they may not be available in a hospital during the first Hammaslääkäri Helsinki visit. Implants are very expensive and available in the dental hospital privately. Hospitals have implants to give patients who got affected by damages in the teeth. Full set teeth can also be replaced to change the look of teeth. Dentures give impressions in custom teeth and also prevent gums. These dentures are made of plastic or any other prestigious metal. In non-emergency dental treatments the tooth will be chipped to give a smooth effect or filled with crown.

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