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Drew Estate Undertaken by Swisher International Inc

On October 20, 2014 all news columns are filled with the issue of “Swisher buys Drew estate”. Yes, it’s true. Swisher announces that they have acquired Drew Estate entirely.  They had purchased the agreement of Drew Estate and the large manufacturing company is now transferred under Swisher where they work as a subsidiary of Swisher.

The huge premium cigar manufacturer has now become the part of Swisher International. Drew Estate was established in the year 1996. They are the large and fastest growing tobacco manufacturer in Newyork city and have headquarters at Nicaragua and Miami.  They are manufactured premium cigars and also they introduced new elements and designs in the cigar markets and led the movement of boutique cigars.  They are attracted the customer and retailer with their products with unique aroma and blended styles of tobacco.  With this boutique cigar movement, they manufactured wide variety of brands Estate are Herrera Esteli, Kentucky Fired Cured, MUWAT, Natural, Nica Rustica, Nirvana Cameroon Selection, Tabak Especial, ACID, UnderCrown, Liga Privada and Java. They work under the slogan of “Rebirth of Cigars” and produced highly quality and custom brands which attracted the old people and also new fellows of cigar lovers.

Swisher International incorporation is also a leading manufacturer of tobacco. They have the Headquarters satiated in Florida, Jacksonville and also in Santiago; Wheeling WV and Dominican Republic.  They manufactured filtered cigars and smokeless tobacco brands and become the largest selling of tobacco brands in the world. Some of the brands include swisher sweets, King Edward, Nirvana Cameroon which are selected as a premium cigar through its Royal Gold Cigar division. Some other brands like Navy and Railroad Mills dry snuff, Kismet, Casino Gold HRS, Bowie and Lancaster chewing tobaccos, silver creek and many more are spreaded all over the world. They have distributed and exported their products to over 80 countries in the world.

Definitive Purchase Agreement’s aspirations

With this agreement the Drew estate Company continue their manufacturing units as a subsidiary under the Swisher Company. There is no change and compromises for the already existing management teams and they keep hold of its own employees and the existing products are also unaltered. They have the agreement which benefited for both the companies in a way to exchange their resources and also they get benefited from the expertises of both the company.

The Co- founder Drew Estate Marvin Samel said that the dream had come true and he was also agreed positively with the acquisition. He added to the comment that he was attracted and impressed with the Swisher International Inc, from the time they have conversation of doing so. He said that they are very supportive and helpful to carry over their company with the mantra of Rebirth of Cigars. They also be aid them to keep its family integral as for the company‘s desire.  He added that they continue their work to achieve the goal and target with the Nicaragua and Miami teams and go forward towards the future.

One of the Co-founder of Jonathan drew also spoke surely positive on the acquirement of their company by the Swisher international incorporation.  He said that they are very much energized in having partnership with swisher and also keyed up to the advancement of Drew Estate Company. They He even thanked their retailer and friends for their assistance in growing up the Drew Estate also to the loyal customers who become the major part of their company’s achievement. He again added that they are now ready to move towards the goal in jointly with the great partner of Swisher International Inc.  The president of Drew Estate Michael Celluci said that they have a good opportunity to join with the great leading manufacturer of tobacco industry and much impressed with the conversations and meetings led us to made an agreement with Swisher team. He highlighted the thing that they won’t give up their mantra, focus and value of Drew Estate Company and just we use the resources to improve the company’s development to achieve the future goal and will focus on the customer’s requirement and deliver quality products.

Swisher International’s president and CEO, Peter Ghiloni emphasised that they work to deliver the quality and innovative products in have good venture with Drew Estate Company

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