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HGH Forges Alliance with T

Testosterone and human growth hormone or HGH plays an important rolein growth, aging and overall health. These hormones are commonly manipulated by body builders, athletes, or aging adults to enhance performance, body composition, and physical vigor.

While there is high availability of natural testosterone and HGH supplements, most people do not simply understand how these hormones work, making it difficult to use available alternatives to have higher levels of growth hormone and testosterone in the body.

Synergistically Functional

HGH is a hormone produced by the pituitary gland. When HGH is released into the bloodstream, stimulates the production of insulin-like growth factor 1 and other important growth factors and stimulates the testes into producing more testosterone. Testosterone is another highly anabolic hormone that has a direct impact on protein synthesis, muscle mass, metabolic function and sexual health. While HGH is known to boost testosterone levels, studies have also found that increased testosterone production will boost HGH. It appears that these hormones work synergistically.

Which Do People Prefer?

The problem that many people run into is whether to use a natural testosterone booster or HGH supplements or a combination of both. Many people end up choosing to increase their HGH. There are a lot of reasons why people choose HGH supplements over testosterone booster. The effects of HGH are farther reaching than those of testosterone. Not only does HGH stimulate testosterone production; it also regulates the release of various growth factors which directly affect cellular growth, development and regeneration.

They Can Be Combined

However, athletes who want serious results sometimes also combine testosterone and HGH secretagogues. Increasing the production of both hormones can produce huge muscle gains, trigger fat loss and significantly increase strength, endurance and performance. However, this is typically something that should be performed by healthy adults who have approval from their doctor. HGH and testosterone are powerful hormones, and while natural supplements are safe to use, they should be used responsibly.

How to Increase Human Growth Hormone?

Too much HGH in the body can lead to excessive muscle and skeletal bone growth those results in a condition known as acromegaly. On the other hand, inadequate levels of HGH in the body can lead to stunted growth and development. When it comes to knowing how to increase growth hormone in children, in kids during puberty or in adults, a couple of options are available. There is the use of prescription – only injections. There are also over – the – counter supplements that contain the natural ingredients that stimulate the pituitary gland to stimulate the increase in the production of hormones.

The normal levels of HGH and testosterone is vital for males to live normal and healthy lives. No one would want to lose physical vigor or get old at a very early age because of the low levels of HGH and the testosterone. The alternatives that are made available for consumers in helping the increase of the production of HGH and testosterone serves as a way to help people live normal lives and enjoy things that they should be doing. However, it should be noted that no one should dare taking supplements or boosters without the opinion or advice of doctors.

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