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How many e cigarettes are safe?

With the popularity of the e cigarettes people now want to get the answers to their many queries. One common query is the numbers of e cigarette which can be considered as safe for the people to smoke per day. But the answer to this simple question may not be that simple as it involves many other criteria for judging the optimum number of e cigarettes per person per day. The sites such as hookahpencentral,from here can be browsed in order to get many answers to similar queries. In this article, let us try to understand something more about the e cigarette so that the discussions become interactive and informative.

The nicotine and the puff

For the tobacco cigarette the measurement is comparatively simpler as you can keep a track of your nicotine intake from the number of cigarettes you have smoked per day. It is possible to restrict or count the number of packets of tobacco cigarettes bought per day in order to know the amount of nicotine consumed in the day. But, here also the nicotine consumption will depend on the strength of the tobacco cigarettes. You must be aware of the fact that the tobacco cigarettes are available in various strengths such as light, medium and strong. This indicates the amount of nicotine availability of the tobacco used. So, it is not possible to equate with the nicotine consumption of one light cigarette puff with that of one strong cigarette puff. But after taking due care regarding this aspect of the tobacco cigarette it is possible to measure the nicotine intake. But in the case of e cigarettes you are at liberty to inhale as many smoke as possible till the battery is in charge condition. Here the concept of number of cigarettes has been done away with. So you have to measure the number of puffs you have taken per day, which seems to be an impossible task. With the equivalent nicotine concentration it is possible to count the number equivalent of one tobacco cigarette in e cigarette puffs. As for example, one standard length tobacco cigarette can give you 30 to 35 puffs. 35 mouthful puffs of e cigarette vapor can be considered to be equivalent to one tobacco cigarette refer from here.

Nicotine density

In e cigarettes there is a term known as the nicotine density. This is the term used to denote the amount of nicotine in one gram of the e fluid which is a mixture of water, flavor, propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin. The average composition of the e liquid can be as follows

Zero nicotine

15% water, 15% flavor, 70% PG or VG

Nicotine mixed

10% water,  10% Flavor, 20% nicotine, 60% PG or VG

Now the content of nicotine can be varied by mixing amount of nicotine per gram of the e liquid and the nicotine density is described as per the following composition.

Non nicotine                            0 mg nicotine per gram of e liquid

Low density                             6 mg nicotine per gram of e liquid

Medium density                       11 mg nicotine per gram of e liquid

High density                            16 mg nicotine per gram of e liquid

X High density                            24 mg nicotine per gram of e liquid

XX high density                          36 mg nicotine per gram of e liquid

XXX high density                        48 mg nicotine per gram of e liquid

This shows that in order to understand the nicotine intake from the puffs of vapor from the e cigarettes you have to count upon the nicotine density of the e cigarettes purchased by you. For the purpose of estimation, it can be taken that one standard tobacco cigarette of medium strength contains 1 mg of nicotine and which can be consumed with 40 puffs. So for inhaling I mg nicotine from X high nicotine density having 24 mg nicotine density 15 puffs will be enough.

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