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How to avoid a fitness plateau??

Almost every one of us, at some point or the other, surely, has a new year’s resolution to maintain our fitness. And as when the new year turns into a distant memory, your enthusiasm for a healthy and fit body has also started to fade away. In this process, boredom starts to set, and lack of time due to other tasks and responsibilities take over your intentions to work out. Following are a few tips as that will assist you in avoiding your workout plateau.

Switch it up: The human body is an effective machine, and it is ready to adapt to predictable and consistent demands. In order to avoid being stagnant, regularly update your schedule by adding up new workouts and switching out the old workouts. You can start by trying roping as an alternative of stair climbing. You may do pushups as a replacement to bench press. Cross training is a very effective method in order to navigate a fitness plateau because variety gets rid of boredom. And so can personal training Austin assist you to do the same. Cross training also maximizes the development of muscles.

 Go Social: If you tend to get bored very fast, then this can be a very good method for you. Exercising with other people can help in getting motivated and avoid boredom. You can join a dance club, group fitness or a sports team. You can also recruit friends and family members to go and hire a personal trainer for group sessions of training in your home. Personal training Austin can be of great assistance here.

Get techy: Technology is something that can keep you inspired and fit. In this age of smartphones, there are various number of applications as well as online fitness programs that can be of assistance in maintaining your track by offering peer and virtual support, fitness tips from the professionals. GPS units and pedometers are one of the other efficient gadgets that can help you to overcome the fitness plateau.

Eat right: It is very important for you to mind your meals. Because a poor or inappropriate diet can make you feel too tired to work out and sluggish. What you can start to do, is to avoid sugary and refined food items like soda pop, chips, donuts or cookies. You need to include complex carbohydrate  sources, like whole grain pastas, beans and oatmeals. You can also add proteins like legumes, nuts, fish and chicken.

Mind your drinks:  The intake of alcohol creates interference with the muscle gain when it is consumed in surplus. It  results to impair the flow of blood in your muscles, decrease the level of testosterone. Which in return allows the exchange of testosterone to estrogen, which also can lead to increase the fat stores in the body. All this results into dehydration that hinders with the performance in exercise. You also need to avoid caffeine and drink as much water as you can.

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