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How to restore a beautiful smile in a day

Leading dentists of Toronto clinics strongly believe that all on four is a salvation from external and internal discomfort, constantly experiencing by a man, who had lost most of the teeth. At the same time, not everyone decides to resort to classical implantation. Long-term absence of the teeth causes a decrease in bone and gum tissues, which recovery and plastics is painful and extended process. Treatment may be delayed for up to 2 years, and most of the time the patient lives without teeth. In the case of all on for implants, all the procedure is carried out within a day, discomfort and rehabilitation procedures are minimized, and the patient walks out a dental office with a beautiful smile on the day of surgery. That is why this procedure is highly recommended to patients, who have lost a sufficient number of teeth.

The all on four is a unique method of restoring the dentition without bone grafting within a day. This already proven technique of full dentition regaining in one day implies the installation of four special implants in one jaw and fixing non-removable prosthesis on them manufactured from advanced materials, so that artificial teeth and gums are indistinguishable from natural neither visually nor functionally. This method allows a patient to avoid long waiting period for subsequent engraftment of prosthetic implants, as well as painful gingival plastic to create a natural look to new teeth.

Toronto dentists say that all on four technology was specially designed for heavy cases: edentulous (complete absence of teeth) or more than half of the teeth and related aftereffect – decrease of the jawbone and gums tissue. Before carrying out classical implantation in such cases, it is necessary to conduct a prior bone grafting and gingival grafting. On contrary, if to resort to all on four implantation, it is possible to install implants without prior bone grafting in 98 % of cases. That is why this technique is widely applied in Toronto dental clinics.

It really helps to create a beautiful smile. How it all works. After consulting and diagnosing, a doctor makes three-dimensional model of a new patient’s smile. Then a template for the implantation and a project of the prosthesis are created basing on this model. A surgery to install four implants is performed on the appointed day in the morning. Then the final casts and corrections are made and fixed prosthesis is attached to the implant in the evening. Thus, being toothless in the morning, a patient gets a beautiful smile and functional comfort in the evening. Of course, a short period of recovery with some limitations is still required, but a patient is able to eat and smile safely. Six months later, the temporary prosthesis is replaced by a constant, which will serve for a lifetime. Toronto dental technicians can create from modern materials indistinguishable from natural teeth and gums. The prosthesis has a specific shape and secured so that even with a wide smile its borders are not visible.

In addition to other benefits, this procedure is economically more reasonable than traditional installation.

Ryan Price about the advantages of all on four implants in Toronto office for company.

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