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Owandy I-Max Touch Dental Digital Panoramic X-Ray

Doctors depend on x-ray images for diagnosing the exact problem inside the body. The x-ray images offer them an idea on the bone issues or teeth disorders. What cannot be seen in the naked eye is provided through the x-ray images. Many x-ray machines have been developed which help in providing clear images of the issues happening in the interiors.

The Owandy Imax touch dental digital panoramic x-ray machine is able to provide doctors the right images of the interiors parts of the body. The x-ray machine consists of light beams that are midsagittal and Frankfurt planes which help them lay the patient in the right position. To be able to get the right x-ray image the patient must be placed properly.

The diagnosis can be done in the LCD monitor present on the x-ray machine. The doctor can select between the two sensors for cephalometric (or cephalometry) and panoramic functions. The x-ray machine provides doctors with the needed modalities that are cephalometric, CB3D imaging, and panoramic.

The machine consists of the Simplant Pro treatment planning software which is the best implant and diagnostic treatment tool which is present today. It comes with updated features and software. Dentists can acquire 3d exams in seconds. This helps them see more patients and provide accurate treatment.

The SimPlant helps in acquiring all the needed information of the patient before the exam is taken. The exact images are provided to the dentists for them to be able to diagnose the issues. The images can be viewed cross sectional and in the manner which the dentist wants to view to help them take the right treatment methods.

Damage of the bone is eliminated. The Owandy imax touch dental digital panoramic x-ray machine consists of a touch screen that helps doctors view the inner parts without straining. The 3d module enables them to get a clear image of the affected area. The ceph upgrade offers doctors with the accurate problems happening inside the affected areas.

The wide 90mm x 80mm 3d x-ray images provides the physicians to see the images clearly. There are 16 essential programs that cover (3D/PAN/CEPH) all the needed issues. The Ethernet & USB memory stick enable the technicians to perform their tasks easily. With the latest generation sensor technology, the images are clear.

The radiation levels are extremely low in the x-ray machine and that will not affect the patient.

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