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Oxandrolone – an oral steroid to burn fat

Oxandrolone is a synthetic derivative of dihydrotestosterone, a hormone which has been found mostly in males. This drug is a 17α derivative of dihydrotestosterone which was first synthesised in the year 1964 by the Seale Laboratories. In normal course, the dihydrotestosterone hormone is normally synthesised in males during puberty which leads to the formation of their adult characters.


Oxandrolone is an oral steroid that has been approved by the FDA for medical use in the Turner’s syndrome, development of the body mass due to loss of prolonged period of illness or corticosteroid treatment. The drug has been used to treat against anaemia, HIV/AIDS-related body mass loss and osteoporosis. This magic drug has also used for an entirely different purpose. Oral steroids are used by the athletes to enhance their body mass. It is a shortcut which yields more musculature in a short time span. One of such type of oral steroid is Oxandrolone. The name of various Oxandrolone powder suppliers can be easily found on online sites.

Side effects

Oxandrolone is a drug which has been found to have more pros than the cons. It does not have drastic side effects like others of the same group and can be used by both male and female efficiently. It has a low dose of the androgenic effect. The use of this drug is usually preferred by females which lead to the gain of muscles which are required by them. It is which is seen in the female athletes to get the form that we are used to seeing. In males, it is required in higher doses to get their ideal physique. In spite of that male use Oxandrolone to obtain the lean body by cutting the fat from without losing the muscles.

The use of Oxandrolone also has some negative effects. It leads to loss of calcium that leads to degradation of the bone mass. The use of this drug is prohibited for pregnant women or even for women that have a chance of being pregnant.


As previously mentioned the use of the Oxandrolone is more by female athletes.  The formulations obtained from Oxandrolone powder suppliers should be examined carefully before consumption. Mainly the drug is used in the form of tablets that is taken orally. The drug after intake is present in the body for 12 hours and can be traced in the body to a period three or four months.

Male athletes normally use this drug during the cutting cycle along with a combination of other drugs. During dieting use of this drug leads to the loss of fat that has gained in the body without the loss of the muscles. In spite of all these drugs, the use of Oxandrolone is not legal in some countries including United States, Canada. The increases in demand among people create alternative sources for obtaining the drug without a proper prescription. In some cases, Oxandrolone powder suppliers cater to the need of these people by providing online sites to obtain these drugs.  In spite of its many advantages, the drug should be used carefully.


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