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Penis Enlargement – What’s the Best Option?

For millions of men who don’t feel confident with the size of their penis, there are only a handful of options they can consider. You might have seen thousands of different advertisements on numerous websites claiming to offer miraculous pills and formulae that can be used for immediately increasing the size of your penis by several inches within a few days. As good as they may sound, all of these advertisements are completely fake. Without a doctor’s prescription, you should seriously avoid using any kind of pill whatsoever.

The fact of the matter is generally quite simple; there really is no way by which you can increase the size of your penis simply by taking pills or any herbal formulae. While the foods you eat can impact your sex drive and libido, it isn’t going to change the size of your penis. However, there is a surgical procedure that can be considered a viable treatment for penis enlargement in Malaysia. Rather than increasing the length of the penis, the surgical procedure involves using derma fillers to increase the girth of a person’s penis.

Why the Girth?

When you talk about penis enlargement, most people are generally only concerned about the length of the penis. They don’t even spare a thought for the girth of their penis. According to one study, more than 90% of the women stated that the girth of a man’s penis plays a vital role in their sexual satisfaction. There are thousands of nerve centres around the vagina, and if those aren’t properly stimulated, it’s obviously not going to satisfy your sexual partner that much. The girth of the penis plays a very important role in making sure your partner is completely satisfied with you in bed.

How Does the Surgical Procedure Work?

This is actually one of the simplest surgical procedures being done around the globe today. The doctors will first show you a visual model about the increase in the girth of your penis, and once you have agreed, the doctors will give you a simple anaesthetic before starting the procedure. In most situations however, anaesthetics aren’t even necessary. The doctors will just numb the pubic area and inject the derma fillers in specific spots around your penis.

The derma fillers will begin to take effect within a half hour or so, and you will begin to notice a visual increase in the overall girth of your penis. The doctors will keep you under observation for a couple of hours or more, and then discharge you. You can easily walk back home afterwards! It’s advised that you avoid sexual activity for at least a couple of weeks and let the derma fillers settle into your skin properly. After a week or two, you are free to engage in sexual activity! You will, however, need to return after a year or so to get new derma fillers injected as this process is temporary and will reverse over time.


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