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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in Law Enforcement

As an adolescent police cadet sitting in the graduating class from Louisiana State University I was told by our class president that being a cop was a call from God, a call to ensure the guiltless, safeguard the individuals who couldn’t shield themselves and face malicious. I recall leaving that day supposing I might spare the world much to my dismay the world would not have liked to be spared. Cops were bold and courageous they couldn’t show dread or feeling for this was an indication of shortcoming. So I stifled those emotions covering them profound inside.

Much to my dismay that one day that grave might be opened and the occasions long prior covered inside might surpass me in a manner I was not ready for. We were men fit to manage the demise and devastation which introduced itself consistently.

There were no post stress debriefings or guiding or even a capability to talk. Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome was something that happened in the military in a far away place called Vietnam. It unquestionably finished not exist in a humanized social order, for example, the groups where we served.

I met PTSD one day when I slightest needed it much to my dismay it had existed inside my spirit for a long time. A noiseless putrefying wound which developed from inside until the day it could develop no more. You see the human personality is an extremely delicate thing. God endowed it to us and secured it with a thick defensive ring in light of the fact that you see God knew how delicate it was and once broken it never totally mends.

Living with PTSD is a stroll in the haziness of life that has no end. Endless cops have experienced this dangerous foes cold-bloodedness just to surrender as a peace that demise just brings. There is an old colloquialism that has a go at something like this “you know you are dead yet the heart does not have the practical judgment skills to rests and quit thumping”.

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