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Pregnancy symptoms to know about Pregnancy

Pregnancy, also recognized as Gestation, is time when one or two(Twin) Offspring’s develops in the body of Women’s .It happens because of Sexual Intercourse between Men & Women and Nowadays, Women who faces difficulties in reproduction hires a Surrogate Mother for this purpose on certain Terms & Conditions. She produces the baby in her body but legally that baby is not her own child, He or she will be the Child of the Intended Parent as he or she has born from the fertilized egg of Intended Mother & Sperm of Intended Father. It takes Nine Months plus few days for the birth of a Proper Child in Humans. But in some cases, the Delivery happens earlier before the date given by the Doctor’s due to various reasons. In such a situation, the life of both the New Born Baby and Mother will be in Danger.

Signs OrSymptoms of Pregnancy

The symptoms of Pregnancy in Women’s are listed below:

  1. Missed Periods

Periods, also known as Menstruation is a release of blood and mucosal tissue from female body in every month. This is the most common symptom of Pregnancy in Women. If earlier you are having regular periods on time but nowif your period doesn’t arrive then in such a condition you should do your pregnancy test. This test tells you that whetheryou are pregnant or not.

  1. Nausea

It is also known as “Morning Sickness”. Nausea is a feeling of Discomfort in the Stomach with a appetite of vomiting any time when you are pregnant .It generally occurs in 1st trimester(First Three Months of Pregnancy) but some women faces it throughout their pregnancy.

  1. Problem of Constipation

The digestive system is affected by advanced progesterone levels because increased progesterone level slows the transit of the food you have eaten through the intestines and leads to Constipation. If you are suffering from Constipationproblem daily, then in such a situation you should do your pregnancy test.

  1. Headache

Lower degree of blood sugar causes headaches. If one is suffering from mild, frequent headaches then it’s a clue that estrogen &progesterone (Sex Hormones in Female) are functioning in the creation of womb of a new offspring.

  1. Mood Swing

Neurotransmitters are the Chemical messenger of the brain. It is affected by the hormonal changes in your body at the time of your pregnancy and causes your mood to swing in different-different manner. For instance, sometimes you feel happy, sometimes sad, sometimes depressed etc.

  1. Food Craving & Food Aversions

Due to hormonal alterations in pregnancy, women experience both Food Aversion (Dislike for certain foods) and craving (strong urge for certain foods)especially in the first three months of Gestation (Pregnancy).Some may experience this in their remaining months of gestation as well.

  1. Fatigueness (Tiredness)

The rapid increase in the level of Progesterone hormone makes your body temperature to rise, which makes you feel sleepy and less energetic.

  1. Craming, Bloating &Backache

Many women think that these three are the symptoms of PMS, but the truth is they are the early signals of pregnancy caused because of hormonal alterations and uterus growth.


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