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Self-tanning Creams: Most Sun-Rays Protective

Why do so many of us crave tanned look?

How do sunless tanning products work on the skin? These are usually creams, gels, lotions or sprays, which is applied to the body. They contain the active ingredient which reacts with amino top layers of skin, which causes the browning. All are based on the content of DHA (dihydroxyacetone), which penetrate into the skin. It is a substance based on sugar, in which no toxicological effects, and is used in practice for many years. Dihydroxyacetone reacts with the amino acids of keratin, a protein that is in the skin.

Then make the color brown.

They are truly without skin health risks?

It is appearing, allergic manifestations, especially in pregnancy or associated diseases such as diabetes. Then it is necessary to stop tanning technique and in pregnancy it is recommended not to use it at all. Another disadvantage is often unevenly “tanned” skin. The badly scoured skin cream is detected, and thus does not act as it should. Similarly, the dye can stain our clothes. If you already use this method, be sure also to other cream with UV protection factor, as most sunless tanning products do not contain it.

They also have advantages?

You love swarthy skin should choose this method less defect, as it is much gentler than the sunlight itself. Some products are even enriched with ingredients that slow down skin aging, antioxidant such as vitamin E or moisturizing aloe vera. However, all daily products (shower gels, body lotions, makeup, etc.) skin already is very burdensome and, of course, or do not mention the harmful effects of the environment, so we should save it to us withstand fresh as long as possible. It’s our largest organ of the body.

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