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Top 5 Herbs to Abort Unwanted Pregnancy

A happily married couple always waits for the day when the beautiful wife discloses the positive pregnancy test in front of the handsome husband. On the other way around, the situation worsens when the pregnancy is an accidental one. Under such situation, the couple looks for aborting techniques to get away from this situation as soon as possible.

Abortion is an illegal act in many countries like Dubai but the couple becomes helpless when it is an unwanted pregnancy. They start hunting for home remedies to abort the pregnancy in order to save their marriage from the tantrums of the society. Let us look at the some of the simple yet effective home remedies that can help such couples to overcome this situation without any hassle:

  1. Goji Berry

It is a medical plant that is full of Vitamin C. During pregnancy, Doctors advise to consume the fruit of Goji Berrie in moderate quantity. Its excess of consumption can affect your health and may end up aborting your pregnancy. It is advised to take only 10 gms of this fruit. The quantity more than 10gms can contract your uterus and end your pregnancy.

  1. Red Cohosh

It is a natural herb that works almost similar to the Black cohosh.  This herb speeds up the process of abortion. Just like Black cohosh, this herb does not guarantee abortion but you can combine it with other home remedies to get the quick results. Once you start taking this herb in your diet you may feel like vomiting, unconscious, or any other discomfort. Be ready to face these consequences when you are taking this herb to abort your pregnancy. You can take this herb on a daily basis. It will contract your uterus and abort your baby.

  1. Chamomile Tea

It is good to take Chamomile tea when you are pregnant. But many doctors advise pregnant mothers to take chamomile tea in a moderate quantity only. Excess of consumption of this tea can impact your pregnancy and initiate abortion process.  You can prepare Chamomile tea early in the morning to get the best results. Take some chamomile leaves and boil the leaves with water. Allow boiled water to stand for some time. Once cool, strain the liquid and drink this tea to abort your pregnancy.

  1. Pennyroyal Herbs

One of the popular herbs that naturally start the process of abortion. This herb contracts your uterus and start aborting your child. You can take this herb directly. You can get oils of this herb from the market. If you can’t take it directly, eat 3-6 pills on a daily basis. You can take these pills with milk or with honey to get the best results.

No one wants to abort a new life that is entering the world. But there are circumstances when the couple has to do this inhuman act to save their family.  If you have only one reason to save your pregnancy out of the several reasons to terminate it then it is advised to go with the positive reason and let this new member come to your life.

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