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Top reasons why people get addicted to alcohol or substance

There are many people that get addicted to drug addiction. Most people don’t consume alcohol or other harmful substances under the impression that they are going to get addicted but it only takes one or two experiences with these enticing substances to get a person hooked. These substances affect the neurotransmitters and change the entire chemical process of brain. Many people also start abusing substances under peer pressure or because of increased emotional or physical pain.

Some general traits of the addicts

Substance abusers compromise their health and wellbeing severely. Abrupt and abnormal changes start to occur in their behavior and health. It may be in the form of:

  • lack of productivity in educational and professional institutions
  • lack of involvement in social activities
  • fluctuations in body weight

The reasons behind substance addiction

  • Most substance abusers consider their favorite substance as a means of comfort. They think that the substance deal with all the unpleasant issues of their lives.
  • The substance provides them a temporary respite from the pain and loneliness they feel and the stress and depression they go through.
  • Sportsperson resort to drugs to enhance their performance
  • Musicians, painters and other creative people also consume addictive substances as they think they can be more creative under the influence of those substances
  • People who had gone through mental, physical or sexual abuse in their adolescence and childhood resort to addictive substances to escape from the trauma
  • These harmful substances temporarily wipe out negative feelings like sorrow, anger that comes with emotional, domestic and marriage issues
  • Many people suffer from profound pain due to unfortunate incidents like death of a loved one or an accident that change the entire course of their lives and they resort to drugs to combat the pain
  • In order to retain the feeling that these substances help one to experience people have to take them again and again and sometimes in greater dosages to get the same effect

drug addiction

In essence, these substances are considered a mighty escape in the sense that it can make one person temporarily detached from all the above-mentioned issues. When ordinary outlets to minimize stress seem to fail the indulgence of drugs appear to offer solace. However, addicts should know that they can still have some detachment while being in the midst of all challenges that life throws at them. Substance abusing is not the true solution to the hazards of life. But by finding an effective way for drug addiction relief, these addicts can still attain the detachment and peace without any negative side-effect that substances seem to offer. Here are some good ways to relieve stress,

  • Yoga and meditation
  • Herbal remedies
  • Acupuncture
  • Exercise
  • Counseling

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